Hi Everyone,

First of all i'm not sure if I posted the title correctly. That being said I think it's much easier to explain this. I hope one of you guys will know the answer to this.

Here is my dillema. The depreciation forecasting in my company has been extremely poor. So I finally spoke to one of the IT guys and now I get a data dump of all the assets. I want to take this and be able to create a depreciation schedule.

Here is a sumamry of how I receive the Data.

Eg: is a mainframe comp that i need to depreciate.

  • So the data for this laptop will be 1 row.
  • Asset number for the mainfreame is 12345
  • So the said laptop will be asset number 123.
  • The Inservice Date(Start depriciation) is 10/01/2009
  • Depreciation Period is 60 months.
  • Starting Value of Asset is $6000
So based on this info I would have to depreciate this mainframe at $100 per month starting in Oct for 60 months until the asset is fully depreciated.

So my question is how do I take this 1 row of data ($6000 asset value, 60 month duration and a start date of 10/01/2009 will be the key drivers) and create 60 seperate months/rows at $100 each to represent the depreciation for each month? Well the trouble i have is figuring how how to divide by 60 and have it show up 60 times.

I'm hoping that I did a decent job of phrasing the question. If anything please elt me know and Thanks again in advance.