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    Select Query returning no Results

    I have a db with 2 tables, one containing basic info FirstName, Surname, YearGroup, and another table with other data. I imported a list of names into the first table, firstname and surname only were imported, other field was left empty, other table was also left empty. I made a simple select query to pull all records from both tables and i get no results at all. None of the imported names show on the query results. Would any one have an idea what Iam missing?

    Many Thanks

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    other table was also left empty
    That is they key phrase right there.

    My guess is that you did a simple Inner Join between the two tables. An Inner Join will only return matching records found in both tables. If one of your tables is empty, no data will ever be returned by such a query!

    If the Query Builder, if you double-click on the join line between the two tables, you will see two other join options. Select the appropriate one (the one that says "select all records..." from your table with data in it).
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    Sorry for the long delay in replying. You were right, I tested with sample data in the second table and those entries started show after making a correction in the Query Builder.
    Many thanks!

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