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    New to forum...database question

    Is there a way to export a database and burn it to a cd so that users who do not have access on their pc can use it?



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    you could see if it is possible that they have the runtime version of Access installed - this is cheaper than full Access and will allow them access to the forms of the database without going behind the scenes.


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    Dateabase on CD

    Just a couple of things to note regarding this topic. If you export to CD, the database cannont be run from the CD. Why, because the CD cannot be edited, the database cannot make updates to the table and is therefore "Read-Only". If you copy it to a hard-drive, it will say it's still "Read-Only". Fortunately, you can go into the properties of the database file itself and uncheck the "Read-Only" attribute, thereby making it useful once again. Jim

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