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    in need of access help and more


    Well Im new to using access. Fun fun hay.

    I am wanting to -

    use my contacts.

    be able to inner link that info to do the following

    go into contacts, be able to select the person

    then when the persons info comes up, then say for example of the following.

    in contacts- select, say template A

    then template a opens up and auto inserts the the contact persons info.

    into the required spots.

    same for click on (rma)

    then that persons rma file or info opens up.

    same with in contacts, in the persons file, click on past orders from him.

    that opens up.

    or same thing, but click on order and open up to place a order.

    Can access do this ?

    where might I read or find how to do it ?

    Or is there a better programs that is more designed for this ?

    have used act and dac easy in past, but they seem to crash alot.


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    Re: in need of access help and more


    The good news is that, yes, Access can do all of those things. The bad news is that it will take a fair amount of planning and setup work to make it happen.

    My advice: work backward. Think about what info you want to get out of your db. Mock up some possible reports on paper. Play around with it.

    Once you've done that, examine each line item on the report: these will define your required elements. Decide which ones are "pure" data, and which ones are calculated and/or derived values. Your tables will store the pure values, and queries will do the calculations.

    Start off by picking up a good general-audience Access book. Que puts out a decent "Using Access <insert version here>" series. Once you get comfortable as a user, move on to things like Litwin et al's Access Developer's Handbook.

    Hope this helps!

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