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    Help with reporting

    I have been exploring Access lately and have developed a database to track employees interests in other departments of a grocery store. I have a tab for reporting on a form I am using for reporting purposes. When a department is chosen, and when one of the buttons is chosen it should generate a report only of the department that is chosen. The problem is that it generates a report of all the departments. How can I fix this. I have attached the database to view the issue. I'm sure it is a quick fix. Just cant get it though.

    I also was wondering if anyone could clear up one other issue. When adding a new employee on the editing tab, I have to click the add button, Enter the new info, click save. Here is where the problem starts. It save the record fine, but before I can go back to the Departments of interest tab and edit that information, I have to close the program and restart it. While it does work, it just seems tedious to have to close and reopen it. Thought maybe I might have done something wrong.

    I appreciate any help that can be given.

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    I can't look at the sample right now, but is this appropriate?
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