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    problem setting Excel sheet name in vba from a form


    I would appreciate some help with vba from access please. The following code works fine:

    set objSheet = ObjExcel.Sheets("5TH 2004")

    However, I want the user to provide the sheet name from a form. I have tried all sorts of variations using the form field name me.frmSheet such as

    set objSheet = ObjExcel.Sheets("me.frmSheet") but no joy.

    Please can anyone help me?

    Sue (fairly new to VBA)

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    Try something like:

    set objSheet = ObjExcel.Sheets(Forms!frmSheet!NameOfTextBox)
    Be advised that the form must be open when the code executes, or you will get an error.

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    Hi Patrick

    Thanks but I am afraid that does not work. I get a type mismatch (error 13).


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