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    Complex Update query

    I'm trying to run an update query to input a category based on a certain column.

    For example column Seniority has number 0-25
    I want to update column Level (currently blank) so that it shows what level they are in (e.g. Level 1 for 0-3 yrs seniority).

    Any idea how to do this? I was trying use expression builder in the "update to" field in update query, but I'm not sure what to write...

    Please please help!

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    Open a new query in design view.
    When the box pops up, click on the table you are working with, and click on "Add".
    Then click on close so the pop up box will go away.

    You will see a blank query design page with the table you are working with in the top left.
    Find and click on the "Seniority" field and drag it down to the empty columns below to where you see "field"
    Now find the "Level" field and drag it down next to the Seniority field.

    Now under the "Seniority" column, click on the Criteria cell, and type in "Between 0 And 3"
    Under the "Level" column, click on the cell that lines up with "Update To"
    Type in "LEVEL 1". When you click away from this cell, notice Access will automatically place " " around the LEVEL 1 text. This field need to be a TEXT field for this to work.

    Now you can click on the exclamation point to run the query. After it updates all the records that fall between 0 and 3, you can now change the criteria according to the next range of years for LEVEL 2 and run the query again, and continue till this process until you reach the highest level.


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