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    Best Way to Import Excel Data from multiple sheets in to multiple tables in Access

    I would like to know which way is the best way to import excel data from multiple sheets in to multiple tables in access.

    For example data from Sheet1 -> Table1, Sheet2->Table2, Sheet3->Table3 etc...

    I have tried using this:
    Cmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel5, "Table1", "C:\Importedfile.xlsx", True, "Sheet1!"

    Ironically, data from Sheet2 and Sheet3 seem to be properly imported in to table2 and table3, but some of the data from Sheet1 seems to be missing in Table1 after import.

    Any other ways/suggestions to import the data?

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    Check out Ken Snell's Excel page at:

    There is lots of code to import/export spreadsheets
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