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    Question about linked Excel table

    I have a database that uses a linked Excel spreadsheet as one of its tables, "Books". Since I have it linked and "read-only", that seems to limit the way I can use it in forms.

    I have created a form based on another table, "Checkouts", that is related to "Books" (Books:review = Checkouts:Book ID). So far, I just have fields from the Checkouts table in my form. (They're actually from a query based solely on the Checkout table.) I found that if I linked in "Books" in any way, I was unable to update anything on the form.

    Still, I would like to include information from a couple of the fields in Books on my form, and have tried using DLookup in the ControlSource for a text box as follows:
     =DLookUp("[title]","[Books]","[review]= " & [Forms]![Check In Form]![Book ID])
    I have gone over this several times looking for errors in punctuation and capitalization, etc., and have tried several variations of syntax, but continue to get "#Error" in the field. Is there something about the nature of the Excel-linked table that's causing a problem? Or is there something wrong with the syntax that I'm not catching?

    In case it matters, I'm building this with Access 2007, but in a 2003 compatible format.

    Thanks for your help.

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    This would be more efficient if applicable to your situation:

    BaldyWeb - Autofill

    If not, perhaps your syntax is wrong for the data type?

    DLookup Usage Samples
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