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    ETL software and training

    Hi all,

    We are in the process of getting an ETL program. We need it to perform some basic extract, transform and load jobs.
    But we want to get an open source tool with good training.
    Our team is mainly business oriented, with some computer knowledge. We would like to have someone come to our company and explain to all the team how to operate the tool.

    I can operate the tool on my own, but I am not experienced enough to show other people how to operate the software.
    So would someone know which open source companies offer ETL tools with good training and how much time would it take?


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    Open source software companies, such as Talend, offer training to their users.
    You are able to get a full training in three days on an open source ETL tool. Talend gives an on-site extensive training to their customers.
    A roadshow also goes through many cities in the US and in Europe to discover the software. It is a free 3 hour long training.

    Go look at the training page:

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