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    I have made a database with 3 tables, A, B and C. I want to setup an 1:1 relation between A and B and an 1:1 relation between A and C?. Is it possible to do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frasse View Post
    I have made a database with 3 tables, A, B and C. I want to setup an 1:1 relation between A and B and an 1:1 relation between A and C?. Is it possible to do that?
    I don't think it is. 1:1 relationships are not the most used. I can't imagine would you could be doing to need this. Can you tell us more.
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    I sort of do that. Example:

    SampleID (primary key)

    SampleID (primary key)

    SampleID (primary key)

    SampleID (primary key)

    A sample can have any number of different test procedures associated with it but not all of the test procedures and only one of each test procedure. So sample 1010 could have test A and C and sample 1011 could have test B.

    The way this database works, users login a sample and select the desired tests from a list. Code creates the test records with SQL INSERT actions. Then on some later date forms with RecordSource that join the related records are opened for entry of test data. Form/Subforms when needed have Master/Child links on the SampleIDs. Data integrity is managed by code. Code also allows data entry into fields for only the tests that have been selected.

    Relationships can be established in the builder, however, I have so many different test procedures that I cannot setup relationships in the Relationships window (I think limit is like 30 tables). This parent/child linking on two PK fields (neither is autonumber) does seem to work to allow creation of dependent record, I just don't have forms setup that way. Also, the master table (tblSample) will show only one dependent table when clicking the + in the left table margin. But users don't work directly with tables anyway so this is irrelevant.
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    Further to what June and Bob have provided/advised, I think we need to know more about your intended data base. Perhaps you could give us some meaningful table names and sample data in order that we can understand your situation. Table A, B and C is nice in theory, but it's a little too abstract to respond with specific ideas.

    Is it possible
    sure, but you may have alternatives if there was more info.

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