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    Question Compare current time with Time() function in access

    Actually I'm very new in Microsoft access 2010. i have one software which communicating with the Microsoft Access. it just send one line of command to ms access and access will execute. for example for comparison of date I'm using below command:
     Arrival_Date like Date()
    the ms access execute this command properly and it compare the Arrival_Date with the current date. the Arrival_Date value format for example is 10/8/2012.
    now i want to compare the current time which is return form Time() function with the Arrival_time. the Arrival_Time value format for example is 5:11:00 PM.
    i want to check whether the current time is within the Arrival_Time - 30second and Arrival_Time + 30second.
    I have used :
    WHERE Arrival_Time BETWEEN Dateadd("s",-30,Time()) AND Dateadd("s",30,Time())
    But does not work.

    what command should i use to do this comparison in ms access.
    appreciate your consideration.

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    Include date part in the comparison. Any date will work.

    WHERE CDate("1/1/2000 " & Arrival_Time) BETWEEN CDate(DateAdd("s",-30,"1/1/2000 " & Time())) AND CDate(DateAdd("s",30,"1/1/2000 " & Time()))
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