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    Conditional Macro in a form (if first box "yes", then 2nd box is enabled)


    I have a form where one field is called "Past Medical History?" & has a yes/no fieldtype.

    Below that , i have a field called "Past Med History Details", a text fieldtype.

    I don't want "Past Med History Details" enabled UNLESS "Past Medical History?" is checked "yes".

    I tried using a conditional macro on the "Past Med History Details" (before update) , with:
    Condition: [Past Med History?]=yes
    Action: SetProperty
    Control Name: (I left blank, since i'm working on the control's property)
    Property: Enabled
    Value: -1 (meaning yes, enable field when condition is met)

    But, "Past Med History Details" is still enabled, even if "Past Medical History" isn't checked "yes."

    Any suggestions?


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    I would use VBA to do this. First, create a procedure that determines whether or not the field shoule be enabled, Something like this:
    Sub FieldEnabling()
        If Me.Past_Medical_History = True Then
            Me.Past_Med_History_Details.Enabled = True
            Me.Past_Med_History_Details.Enabled = False
        End If
    End Sub
    Then, call this code from the "Current" event of the Form (so that is is run every time you open the Form or go to a new record:
    Private Sub Form_Current()
        Call FieldEnabling
    End Sub
    and also call it from the AfterUpdate event of your Yes/No field (so it gets updated if that field changes):
    Private Sub Past_Medical_History_AfterUpdate()
        Call FieldEnabling
    End Sub
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