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    Data type mismatch error

    I am getting a datatype mismatch error on the final line of this code. Can anyone see why?

    Sub Rollup()    Dim rsQueryResults, rsCalculate, rsRollInto, rsBOMTable As DAO.Recordset
        Dim stQuery, strSQL, stParent As String
        Dim iLevel, i As Integer
        Dim dbRollup As Double
        'Find the highest level number in BOM Table and put it into a variable called iLevel
        stQuery = "SELECT Max([BOM Table].Level) AS MaxOfLevel FROM [BOM Table];"
        Set rsQueryResults = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(stQuery)
        iLevel = rsQueryResults!MaxofLevel
        Debug.Print "iLevel="; iLevel
        Set rsQueryResults = Nothing
        Set rsBOMTable = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("BOM Table", dbOpenDynaset)
        'Filter the BOM Table to show only the parts at the highest level
        stQuery = "SELECT [BOM Table].Parent_Number, [BOM Table].Item_Number, " & _
                "[BOM Table].Level, [BOM Table].Quantity_Per, [BOM Table].Labor_Cost " & _
                "FROM [BOM Table] WHERE ((([BOM Table].Level)='" & iLevel & "'));"
        Set rsCalculate = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(stQuery)

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    Fixed. For some reason the single quotes around " & iLevel & " in the WHERE section was messing up the query. I have had to use the single quotes before to get the queries to work, so I don't know why they messed up this query.

    Does someone know the rules about when to use single quotes and when not to?

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