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    Pull value from one field to a specific record

    Hello and thanks in advance for any hints, tips or advice.

    Surely there must be someone out there that can help me with the following problem. Without going into all of the filed in my tables the following pertain to my (simple?) request.

    Table 1 Patient Registration
    Patient ID (Prime Key)
    DOB ....

    Table 2- Clinical Out Come Data
    Outcome ID (Prime Key)

    Patient ID (as a foreign key)
    Date of appointment

    Here’s what i would like to do.
    After data is entered into the Patient Registrant form I would like the Surname to automatically appear in the Surname field on the related record in next table (Table2). I know data should not be duplicated like this, but for efficiency and accuracy the user needs to physically see the name of the patient on every form as they are entering the data... retyping or cut and pasting is a real pain.

    Hope someone can help

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    You already know that duplication of data in tables is not advisable & particularly in this case there is no need.

    If you can, definitely try to avoid what is being asked for?

    If still you need to do it, perhaps,
    just think along lines of
    using a query ( which uses the 2 tables )
    including all the fields from the Outcome Table & the surname field from the Patients table, in the query result,
    as the source for the sub-form (keep the surname field in the sub-form as read only).


Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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