Hello all.

I using ms access 2003 and ms excel 2003. I want to import many tables from excel to access, but the big problem is the formatting present in excel. I can't import in access. I need that formatting because the excel document is a standard document. Why i need this import? I need because in excel i must write 500-1000 formulars. In access i think that i can write 1 formular (by form) and printing 500-1000 formulars. Also i try to make something, but when i try printing, all cells are superimposed

I attaching all things.... and i hope so you can help me with this.

calculpropuneriF.xls (all excel document)
test11.mdb ( it is an sheet imported in access)
sheet1.xls (export sheet that was imported in access in test11.mdb)