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    Access user security level

    I was able to create database security by creating read only and full control Access user accounts in a database residing on a network drive. When the Access database opens, it asks for Access username and password and is working well. But when i tried to open this database using another domain user account on another computer, user logon box doesn't appear and Access database opens with User group permission level. So how can i create a user level security for this database over the network.?

    Many Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum..I found very good article on Access user-level security. It also has a feature to specify the level of access to grant each individual user of your database. Please take a look of the article:

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    Thanks for the link. My question is more related to the network architecture of Access database security.I followed the exact procedures and the database security is working fine. But does this security works across active directory based domain? I suspect that the security of the database is linked with the computer from which it is configured. This is because when i tried to open this database stored on the network drive from another computer, the logon screen doesn't appear and it logged on as User group account. Thanks.

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