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    weekend00 is offline I may not be right
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    I am looking for code to convert number to words.
    for example:
    number: 102
    words: one hundred and 2

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    I found this for excel. I'm sure itll work in Access as well.

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    I am trying to create a form that finds the record when the student types in their id number, then populates the rest of the fields on the form with the information in the table. Additionally there needs to be a few fields that the student must complete the first time around since we don't have all the information.

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    You might want to create a new thread for this Queen. It really isn't something generic that can be provided. We would need more info.

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    AfterUpdate code for a text box

    (Acess 2000) I am trying to create an AfterUpdate code for a text box. Basicly on the form the user selects a number from the combo box. They then type in the name of a person in a text box. What i want Access to do is search a database for records of people who have the number (selected in the combobox) with their name. If they do, i want the form to set the background of the textbox to green and display a label underneath. And if it dosent then it sets the background of the textbox to red and also displays a label underneath.

    If this is possible please reply. (Also apologies if this has been posted somewhere before on the forum)

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    Log In Tracking

    I am looking for a way to record who and when a user logs into my database, i use a log in screen with a user table for access to specific menus depending on an assigned level, I just want to be able to see when and who logs in (the database, not the computer login)


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    Conditional SQL UPDATE statement. I have a problem where this code is updating every record, not just the records in the IF statement.

    intRecord for my test was "1"

    intPickCount is correctly established in earlier code. In my test runs, intPickCount is 18 and that is what shows up in the PickCount field for ALL records, not just the records having CompareField "1".

    I would like to see some examples of comparable SQL UPDATE statements just to see if I am on the right track here. Many thanks for having this thread (yes, the SEARCH feature can be needle in a haystack sometimes).

    Do Until SiteRecord.EOF
      If (SiteRecord!CompareField) = intRecord Then
            strSQL = "UPDATE SitesTable SET SitesTable!PickCount = " & intPickCount & ";"
            DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL
       End If

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    Perris, CA
    Help with a code on the report linked to a unbound textbox. The code would display GREEN text "PASS" or RED text "FAIL".

    The code would need to verify that 10 sensors(Temperature sensors) reach 170 or more over the coarse of an hour. There is a timestamp for readings every 15 minutes.

    Timestamp________ Sensor 1 __ Sensor 2 ...........Sensor 10
    05/26/2011 12:00 PM 176.23___ 172.26__________ 180.00
    05/26/2011 12:15 PM 176.55 __ 177.25 _________ 182.25

    The data is set via a parameter on a form page and can be any range from hours to days. I just want the code to see if at ANY point all sensors reach 170 for at least an hour. Then display PASS in green text......
    THANKS in advance.

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    Looking for an import specfication code:
    runs delete & append queries then merges imported table to its respective table

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