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    Absolute Beginner Help


    I am an abosolute beginner with access so please bear with me while I explain what I want to do.
    I am in charge of a community music organisation which has a lot of contacts and I am hoping that access can make my life easier. Using access 2007, I have tried both the contacts management template and the students template and neither offer exactly what I am after.

    What I want.

    I am after a complete contact list for the organisation that will include the following fields:

    1)First Name
    2)Last Name
    3)Capacity - (playing member, non playing member, ex member, mailing list recipient, Deputy Player)
    5)Additional Role
    6)Mobile Phone
    7)Home Phone
    8)Email Address
    9)Address - (UK only. street, town, county, postcode)
    10)Date Joined
    11) Date Left
    12)File Attachments

    The above needs to be searchable by items 2, 3 and 4
    I know the above can easiliy be done by modifying the contacts template but I also want the following:

    An attendance register that includes only playing members as selected in the above form. Also a report that will show the attendance of the whole group and individual players as a percentage.

    If anyone knows of a more appropriate template for the above or can give me complete step by step instructions then I would be grateful.

    Sorry for being so thick but as I have mentioned, I am a complete access newbie.

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    This post has been hanging around for a while and no one has answered. I am new at Access, but will answer anyway. Every question deserves an answer.

    This question could only be answered by writing your application for you. Forums like this are not for doing that.

    Access is a database utility and databases are inherently complex and complicated. I don't intend to be harsh at all, but get a book on Access and read it. Do the exercises. Or do a google search for "tutorials access database" and do the exercises you find there. When you have a basic concept of how a database is organized and you can can create the tables and basic queries and forms, then you are ready to ask questions in a forum such as this. By then, you will probalby know the answer to your question.

    Good luck to you.

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