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    Combo Box wont save data to Form

    I am trying to have a text box that updates when a combo box dropdown selection is made. Basically the dropdown has the choices from column A and the textbox should display the value in column B. When I click to go to the next record I have all the data being saved on a table. I had most of this working at one point but now i screwed it up I had it where the text box was updated to show the column B value and everything would save to the table EXCEPT that text box value. To clarify... at this point I need the text box to update to show the column B value .. and a way to have this save to the table with the rest of the data.----I now have figured out how to get both columns displayed by only selecting Freeform_ID dropdown list. Im back to my other problem now... the equip_description field is not saving to the T_Label_Requests_Summary. Any suggestions on how to do this ? One possibility is i may have not used the correct method to display the equip_description field.

    thank you in advance. I have attached an updated copy.

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