I have what I think is a very simple problem and I think I understand it all 'on paper', however I'm having difficulty getting access to let me do it so I reckon I'm missing something fundamental.

I've imported a massive amount of grants data from the NIH and have imported all of the fields correctly. I was now hoping to tease out (populate) additional tables from this main table that would describe characteristics of the granting institute, grant receiving organization and investigator. I was also hoping to use referential integrity to correct the many typos/blanks in the main grants table.

Once these "subtables" are built/populated, I will need to add internal primary keys so that I can then add grants data from all of the other grantors worldwide ie, not every investigator or institution worldwide has recieved an NIH grant so that while their system is good there is still potential for it to be incomplete.

I would attach what I've done so far, but on top of everything it would seem that my print screen also is not behaving...

Any advice/assistance/swift nudge in the right direction would be appreciated...

Kind regards,