Hi there, I have been given the task of converting an excel spreadsheet to access. It is a spreadsheet that looks after daily bingo finances for both the hall and the organizations that host their charity at the hall.

Here is the outline. Each day, there are three sessions (Matinee, Evening, Late) During each session, one organization plays their 8 games, all different types of games. As well as each game has a different financial structure...being payouts, jackpot growth.

Also, 4 of the 8 games, has a jackpot that grows if no one wins the game in that session. The database has to keep track of the jackpot for each game.

I have supplied a pdf of the input screen as is in excel.

The way I see it, I should create on master file, from that file create table for each of the 8 games types. Then attach a jackpot table to tables that require jackpot monitoring.

The last thing, if anyone is willing to help is to get the printouts to look somewhat similer....but we can do that later.

Thanks so much in advance.

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