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    Arrow Filtering records on a split form

    Good morning,

    I am new to this forum. I guessing someone here can help me with a problem that I'm having. I am designing a access database that will track warranty claims for the company that I work for. I have a form created where I enter in the warranty claims to be filed. The record source for this form is a query. I have a combo box on the form that sets the status of the warranty claim to To Be Filed, Filed, Accepted, Rejected, or Missing Information. I want to be able to set a filter on the form so either it will show all claims waiting to be filed, or it will be able to show all claims regardless of their status. I have a checkbox on the form called chkShowall. If the checkbox is checked, the form should show all the records. If it is unchecked, only the records showing the status "To Be Filed" should show. On the click event of the checkbox I have the following code. I have very simple code so far with no error handling events or anything else.

    If chkShowall.value = True Then
    txtshowall.vaule = "*"
    txtshowall.vlue = "To Be Filed"
    End If


    The criteria field for the status field in the query is pointed to the text box on the form

    When I run the query all by itself and put the * in the criteria field all of the records show up. However when I run it from the form, none of the records show. What is the matter with my code? Can someone tell me.

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    You have a parameterized query? I avoid them and never done anything like this. Note that Access supplies the LIKE why you type only * directly in the query. So I expect the wildcard criteria needs Like operator when setting criteria programmatically.
    Me.txtshowall = "LIKE '*'"

    My preferred alternatives:

    1. Revise the RecordSource statement of the form

    2. Set the Filter and FilterOn properties of form - review
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