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    Return rows where value equals drop down

    I have an Access front page where there is a drop down for month, the SQL code is run once the drop down has been selected and a button is pressed. I need to select rows where values in "month" match this value.

    I am new to Access and am going round in circles. The table the drop down is stored in is Months_t and the rows I need returned are in Gamma_t.

    I have written the code

    strSQL = "SELECT Gamma_t.Page, Gamma_t.Address, Gamma_t.District, Slides_t.Metric, Gamma_t.[Output] " & _
    "From Gamma_t WHERE (((Gamma_t.[Output])=True))) "

    and am looking for an amendment to include the drop down variable.

    Many thanks for any light anyone can shed.

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    What is this entry in your Select string "Slides_t.Metric"? I thought the table was named "Gamma_t"
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