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    Data synchronization between two offices

    Hi everyone,

    After building a database for our growing company, we have a problem with our data and its synchronization. Our company has a rather small, but growing, book warehouse and sells books online. We have been able to deal with orders and stock because sales were not that large.

    But today we sell more and more books and the addition of a database means we need to synchronize our data from the warehouse database to the main office one, mainly to be able to know what kind of stock we have. I think we will have to go with a batch syncing scheduled twice a day for now. We have been dealing with Talend open studio so far and enjoy the product.

    Do you think Talend will be able to stand that type of operation? What kind of software could be used in this case?

    Thanks all!

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    So basically what you want to do is sync up two databases several times a day. You could use Talend Open Studio: it can efficiently do what you are asking, so stay with this tool.
    You might want to go check Talend 's page on data synchronization:

    Just the fact you already know the software and use it, you'll save a lot of time (and money) on this. it is much easier for you than taking a new one.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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