I am designing a database to track incoming trouble calls as well as issue equipment out to customers per the particular Call Ticket from which the equipment was originally requested. One-to-many (Call TicketID to OrderID)
For example, a field manager has a team that will be increasing by 2 people; he calls this in and I track it via the Call Ticket table and accompanying form. I order the equipment for them, it arrives via postal, and I enter that equipment into the Products table. If it's a cell phone then I enter the phone model into tblProducts and the cell number into "tblMobile#'s". The goal is to issue any physical items from tblProducts and associate, when necessary via a neighboring column in tblOrder, a Mobile# with it.

My preference is to press a command button and bring up the Order form ready to roll to issue the equipment. The problem I'm having with this is that the CallTicketID is not carrying forward to the new OrderID created when I open that Order Form. Does anyone know the coding fix for this?

-- An alternative would be to move the whole Order form onto the Call Ticket form as a subform (hidden as 'page 2' until a command button is pressed or slider pulled to reveal those fields). If I go this route then I'd prefer to create a long form with the Order Form at the bottom, with a PageBreak in the middle, and enabling quick access to it all via a command button. I have the PageBreak in place but I'm having difficulty coding that button to jump attention to the PageBreak. Ideas?

Thanks greatly.