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    Talking Import Ms Excel files into one table in Ms Access

    Im familiar with Ms Access, but have never used VBA or Scripts. I have 37 Excel files with the same data and would like to import into one file. Data will be received on a monthly basis into the same directory and I would like to automatically upload the data into the same file in Access.

    Help please, Tx

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    This is quite easy in Access.

    1. Use the External Data functionality [top of your screen], and manually walk through the process of importing ONE of the Excel files into a NEW table in Access.
    This will let Access create the table for you based on the data types of each of the columns in the Excel file.

    2. Next, create a New Macro and set the first Action to Set Warnings - No.
    [This will prevent Access giving you a message box each time the Macro tries to append data to the table from another Spreadsheet].

    3. Next, use the 'ImportExportSpreadsheet' Action in the Macro to import each of the Excel files and Append it to the Table you created earlier.
    You will need to include the Excel File you used first in the list of files that you use the 'ImportExportSpreadsheet' Action on.

    If you need to empty the table each month before you start your monthly imports, create a Delete Query to empty the table, and then do an 'Open Query' Action in the Macro before any of the 'ImportExportSpreadsheet' Actions.
    If you want the data to just be appended each month, then you don't need to worry about this.

    Hope this helps.

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