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    Need some design advice

    I am in the military and am trying to design a database for my platoon that can help track our missions and vehicles. I have a general idea in my head on how I would like it to work, I'm just having issues on how to translate it into Access and get it to work. I have a table that contains all of the vehicle & trailer information. I have another table that contains all of the information dealing with any vehicle requests we receive, to include the start/end date & start/end time. I need to assign vehicles/trailers to each mission. The problem I'm having is that each vehicle request may require a different number of vehicles/trailers. So to get around that problem, I was thinking about doing a vehicle/trailer subform to allow the multiple combinations of vehicles/trailers.

    Ok, up to now shouldn't be too hard to get it working. On the subform I want to select the vehicles or trailers from a drop down list, but I would like the drop down list to only display the vehicles/trailers that are not on a mission during the dates/times listed in the current vehicle request.

    Is there a better design I can use to accomplish my task than what I am trying or am I going in the right direction with my design and just need further guidance with the programming? Any help I can get with this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Good database design includes some principals:

    1) Purpose of designing a database.
    2) Diving all information in to tables
    3) Don’t use duplicate information.
    4) Correctness and completeness of information
    5) Apply normalization rules & many more things.

    Before creating the database, first read these two articles, it will help you to design a good database:

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    Assumeing something like below :
    MissionID - PK

    VehicleID - PK

    MissionVehicleID - PK
    MissionID - FK
    VehicleID - FK

    Check out if below gives some guidelines :


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    I read both of those articles several times in the past. Looking at the example I think it might have given me a couple of ideas to try and work with. Give me a little time to work on this and I'll get back to you on my findings. Thanks again for your assistance.

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