I am new to access. Part and parcel of my duties in my company are updating data on a company SharePoint site on a daily basis. This SharePoint data is not massive but only as about 15 to 20 columns. Currently I

  • Export the data from the site to an excel workbook and then import it to access from excel.
  • Run the necessary queries.
  • Manually delete the data from the SharePoint site and paste the data from access into the SharePoint site.

I recently came by this option in my access 2007 toolbar under the external section where in I can both import and export data directly from the SharePoint site to Access. With this discovery I created a new blank table in my access database. I right clicked the table and selected import>SharePoint list. In the pop-up window titled "Get External Data - SharePoint Site", I entered the complete URL of the SharePoint site and selected the option "Link to the data source by creating a linked table" (as the intention here is to keep both the SharePoint site and the access table automatically updated when there are changes in either one of the two. Also, please note, that the blank table was open when I did this).
When I clicked on next I am asked to select the SharePoint list. On selecting and clicking ok Access crashes and restarts. Am I doing something wrong here?

Please help me in accomplishing this process. Appreciate your help.