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    Apply Filter similar to Field Filter

    I am working on a db that links modules to microcontrollers and vice versa (both are many to many as an individual module can be used in many microcontrollers, and a microcontroller can contain many modules), I am trying to find a way to filter results so that I can easily display what material is linked to a particular module.microcontroller (IE: say I select Module 1, it filters a list of all microcontrollers containing it. Or if i was to choose Microcontroller A it would provide a list of all modules it uses). This is easy to do when looking in table form, as I can simply pull down the filter button and check "Microcontroller 1" and the table will filter itself accordingly. What I want is to know if there is an easy way to put this funtion into a form to be displayed in a listbox/textbox etc... It seems like it would be easily doable, but I cannot seem to figure it out.

    To Clarify: I want to select a certain example from a combobox, and then have the resulting related microcontrollers showed. This would be the exact same filter as if i selected that filter from the main table.

    Here is the column filter option- Note*: This provides the results that I want when used, but I dont want to have to apply filters in this manner.
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    Here is the specific Query that the below form is based on. I would in general like to do this on the main table show above, but this may be useful in this exact situation. *Selecting OK in this picture would sort the data so that only the modules used in Aguilla 20 would be displayed. or whichever checkboxes I had selected.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ColumnFilter2.png 
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    Here is an idea of what I want (this is a form based on the above query, it doesn't work as desired right now...)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. cascading (dependent) combo/list boxes.

    2. apply filter to the form
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