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    a simple "display date " query

    i am new to this forum, i have some basics about databases but i really have a problem with this simple query (i hope it's simple!!)
    I want to create a query that will display one week in advance the "end date " of a student internship. In the table i have a field named "end date".
    I heard I have to use combos, but i am not familiar with those.
    The database is not for use in a website.
    Please somebody give some advices/guidance.

    Thanks a lot..........

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    So if i am correct you have a date and you want to display 1 week ahead of that date. If so you need to use the DateAdd function as follows:

    DateAdd("ww", 1, [End Date])

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    Thanx a lot for your reply!!

    I think I solved it!
    Actually I need to display all the dates between today and the following 7 days
    I used sth like this and it worked

    enddate<DateAdd('d', 7, (enter today's date))

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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