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    Update Query

    I am very new to Access and learning by self. Somebody can help? Thank you in advance. Is it possible to use the data from a form in the "update To " in the grid?

    I have a table in which certain columns have to be update frequently. The data from the table is displayed in a form. It is infact a subform, which is in datasheetview. The user updates the fields he wants. Using the other fields as criteria,I want to update the particular field he changed in the original table. The field may have different data. Below is the SQL statements:

    UPDATE tblInventory SET tblInventory.Approved = Forms!frmImtMachCnc!frmReceivingAtMachCncPart1!frm ReceivingAtMachCncPart2!cmbApproved
    WHERE (((tblInventory.PartName)=Any (SELECT partname FROM tblReceivingAtMachCncCombine)));

    Since the 3rd form "frmReceivingAtMachCncPart2" is in datasheet view and there can be many rows and the field named "cmbApproved" can contain either "Yes" or "No".

    What happens when I run this code is that, the record in tblInventory which is same as the first record in form 'frmReceivingAtMachCncPart2" is update and rest of the records are not.

    Pls help. Thank you

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    yes you can. you have to use: [Forms].[Textbox1]. etc to refer to the forms

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