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    Can I highlight the line a median value is on?

    Dear Experts,

    I'm working on a report that has a formula to figure out the median value for a group of records. It looks like this:

    Facility Name Group Header

    Facility Name field value

    Facility 1 Value 1
    Facility 2 Value 2
    Facility 3 Value 3

    Facility Name Group Footer

    Median value for field: Value 2

    The people who have been doing this have all the records on a spreadsheet, and they go through it and manually figure out which record has the median value and they've been highlighting that record in yellow. Is there any way I can have Access go back and highlight record 2 after it figures out that Record 2 has the median value?

    Thank you for all your help.

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    Maybe, but would certainly require VBA code to accomplish, if possible. I suspect will require a custom function that compares the value of current record to values of related records and sets BackColor property. VBA and SQL do not have an intrinsic median function. Review

    Also, Access tables, forms, and reports don't have 'lines' they have 'fields' and 'controls' - textboxes, comboboxes, labels, etc. The highlight setting would have to be applied to each field or control. Code could be applied to forms and reports but not tables.
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    What line would they highlight in the following list where the median value does not exist:

    Facility 1 Value 1
    Facility 2 Value 2
    Facility 3 Value 3
    Facility 3 Value 3
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