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    Make application run on network computer not on local computer

    What i would like to do is click a command button on a form that would open an application, "RealPlayer", on another network computer and play a .wav file on that computer. I currently have a command button on a form with a macro RunApp and the argument "\\customerservice\public\realplay.exe" "\\customerservice\public\horn.wav" however it opens up on the local machine and plays the wav file. The form prints out to the network printer beside this network computer, and this would give the person an audible signal that the form is printed and ready to be looked at.

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    That's the way PC networks operate. Users on a network cannot directly execute programs on a network file server - it's always local. Your Runapp macro retrieves the file realplay.exe from the customerservice network computer, and executes it locally (i.e. on your PC). What you could do is have your MS Access application automatically send a message to the user who needs the form, as soon as it has been sent to the printer.


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