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    Report Calculation

    I have a field in a table (NonRecCostHrsEst) that I'd like to use in a calculation on a report (a form too but I'll stick to one at a time). So, I created a query that has a calculation field: initially called Expr1 and later changed to NonRecCostMoneyEst

    In the query design view it looks like this:
    NonRecCostMoneyEst: [NonRecCostHrsEst]*50

    Datasheet view the calculation is made. The report I'm trying to stick it in is already created. I want to modify it and add that calculated field. Doesnt work. I use the Control Source on the Data tab of Properties. Change it to read:

    =[Calculating Costs]![NonRecCostMoneyEst]

    On the Print Preview it says #Error.

    If I create a new report it shows up. I just dont want to have to go back and make the report over. Clicking and dragging for formatting! Yuck!

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    When you click in the controlsource for the textbox properties, do you get a drop-down indicator? If you click it, does it show the field from the query? (It should...)

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    No. Because the report is based on a table. It shows the fields from the table. I tried to use the expression builder for the field I want to use in the query but that brings the error message.

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