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    PASSING PERMISSIONS into ODBC SQL SERVER Connection with Query

    Hello, I have a query that looks into a SQL Server table and deletes rows with certain criteria and inserts rows with certain criteria in access 2010. My problem is, as an Admin i have the permissions to delete and insert into the SQL server table. For my users to run these queries, they would need the same permissions as me. I dont want to do this due to security issues (i work for a big organization)

    My question is: is there a way to pass the credentials (server name, authentication, password, etc) into the sql server as part of the query? will this even work or is the only way to grant the users permissions. let me know if anyone has other suggestions. thanks..

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    unless someone knows sql server 2005 very well, that would be nice too, one way or another i just need to automate this process, i just know more access than sql server. the process is this (this is how its set up in access):

    1)look into dbo.list table in sql server, delete anything that has a value of "gap" in the "detail" column.
    2)grab ID's from a linked table to a excel spreadsheet
    3)insert these IDs into the same table as step 1 and insert the value "gap" into the "detail" column.

    thats it, pretty simple..

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