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    Link to alternate table without a subform

    Alright, so I am fairly computer savvy, not completely new to Access, however still not very advanced at it. I will mention right away that I have no experience with VB code, and would prefer to use macros for now if possible.

    That being said, here is my problem. I have a main table of students with student ID being the key along with additional information on the student (name, address, etc.). I then have a second table for tests. The fields on that table are "TestType", "TestScore", "TestDate", and "PreOrPost". So there are different types of test each student could take and they can only do one pre test and one post test.

    I have a form to put student info into the main table, that was easy enough. I can make a subform to put test info in for each student, but this allows for putting in multiples of the same test.

    Since there are only a fixed number of different tests, is there an easy way I can make a text box for say, Test1Pre and Test1PreDate and once the user fills those boxes in, it would automatically populate the test table with the following: "Test1", Score input, Date input, "Pre" (following the field names mentioned above)? I would then create more text boxes to do the same for Test1Post, Test2Pre, ...

    I hope that makes sense, and thanks for the help!

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    Oops, I forgot to mention that Student ID would be a foreign key in the Tests table.

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