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    Primary Key and Foreign Key Question

    Hello, thanks in advance for any help. I have been given the unfortunate task of creating a database for a restaurant. I understand the form concept of being able to have the primary key and foreign key data entered simualtaneously through forms. However, I am entering alot of previous data into the database first without the use of forms. I have a table called Products wityh 145 records that lists all the products with there suppliers and product code and quantity per unit....etc. I then created a table called Inventory that containts on hand and cost fields. The products table has a primary key ProductID set to autonumber, the Inventory table has a foreign key name ProductID set to number. I linked the primary key to the foreign key in the relationships layout. My question is how do i make the productID of Products table autofill the Inventory's foreign key without having to copy and paste?

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    I have been given the unfortunate task of creating a database for a restaurant.
    This says it all to me. Get a handle on the basics and concepts before you waste a lot of time.

    Here is a list of free video tutorials all about database concepts

    Normalization, Entity Relationship Diagramming, Relationships, Cardinality....

    The videos deal with a Customer, Order , OrderDetails, Items theme.

    Watch them, and re-watch as necessary to get a foundation in the underlying concepts.

    Then come back with questions and a first cut ERD.

    There are other videos, but this group is by the same presenter and covers an example situation. Logical data modeling Candidate key Normalization Normalization example 1st Normal form 2nd Normal form 3rd Normal form E_R Diagramming ERD Part 2

    The first few topics at this site are well worth the read.

    Good luck with your project.

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