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    Combo Box Search Form

    I am sure it is very simple to do but I would like to add a button to my form that will show all results based on one field in the table that the form refers to.

    Essentially, I want the button to display all records that correspond to a specified status. For example, all client leads that are classified as "hot".

    How do I do this?

    I think a combo search box may be the way to go but what would the code be that I would need to use to return these results and display all of the "hot" records?

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    This will work - but I can't say that it is the most elegant way to achieve this.

    I created a 'Continuous' Form using Form Wizard and dropped a few fields onto the form.
    When I ran the Form - it displayed all records.

    In the Form's Property Sheet - Data Tab - Record Source - I put this SQL statement:
    SELECT [ID], [Order], [Customer], [No_Of_Boxes], [REASON] FROM [TableName] WHERE [Customer] = [Enter Customer Name];
    When I ran the Form I got a prompt saying 'Enter Customer Name'.
    When I entered a legitimare Customer Name - the Form showed all records for that Customer.

    I added a command Button to the Form Footer section of the Form and put this Code [use Code Builder] in the 'On Click' Event:
    Private Sub Command17_Click()
    End Sub
    When I clicked the button - it prompted me for another name . . .

    I also added the Me.Requery to the 'On Load' event of the Form.
    That way - when I close and then open the Form, even though my last Customer's records were up there - I had the immediate option to enter a new Customer name.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions!
    All the best!

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    Brilliant. That worked for me. Thanks!!

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