Hi - I'm still learning Access basics, but I have a fully-functional Access database that records events. It includes multiple tables, a data entry form, and several queries. I've been trying to enable people to see one or more of the queries in my database on SharePoint. I tried to export the query, and it did upload, but when I tried to add a "Calendar" view, it wouldn't let me navigate to previous months (it would give me an error page). I also got the sense that this query wasn't linked in real-time to the Access query. Is there a way to accomplish this? IIt is completely fine if other users cannot use SharePoint to update the database, although if there is a way to do this while maintaining all of the relationships that exist in my database, that would be great. tried to publish the whole database, but I don't think I have access in my organization to do this. I alos tried to move the data to SharePoint, but I get an error that one of my tables is "read-only." I haven't been able to figure that one out since it seems editable. Thanks for your help!!