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    Delete Query based on results in a seperate table

    I need to delete records from tblshipmentdata_working based on info in LITSO. My code is below:.

    The problem is that the query is pulling all the records in tblshipmentdata_working that are in LITOSD for Plant and Code. I want it to only pull records where Plant and Code are equal in the same rows as in LITOSD

    FROM tblshipmentdata_working
    WHERE (((tblshipmentdata_working.Plant) In (SELECT LITOSD.Plant FROM LITOSD)) AND ((tblshipmentdata_working.Code) In (SELECT LITOSD.Code FROM LITOSD)) AND ((tblshipmentdata_working.Active)=-1));

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    Have you tried using the query wizard just to select the records you intend to delete?
    You could then convert to a DELETE query.

    Untested but I think your query would look like this

    select tblshipmentdata_working.*
    FROM tblshipmentdata_working
    Inner Join LITOSD
    ON tblshipmentdata_working.Plant = LITOSD.Plant AND
    tblshipmentdata_working.Code = LITOSD.Code
    WHERE ((tblshipmentdata_working.Active)=-1);

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