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    Running a Delete (Records) Query on Close


    I have no experience with VBA (which I am thinking may be the only solution to this problem) but I want to be able to have Access (2003 or 2007) run a Delete Query of this one table right before someone decides to close down the database. The reason for this is that the only way autonumber will reset is if you delete the records in a table and compact the database. The compacting portion was already set within the options menu, but now I am looking to have all records deleted on close. Can someone help me out? Also, if VBA is the only way, can someone walk me through on how to accomplish this. I have yet to begin teaching myself VBA or SQL.


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    I have a Housekeeping form that I open hidden with the AutoExec macro. You can then use the OnLoad and OnUnload events to do such tasks as you describe. If it is the first form to open then it will be the last form to close. It also sounds like you are using the AutoNumber value beyond what it was designed to do.

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