Hi Everyone,

I have implemented a database that we would like to share between various users and so we are investigating synchronisation as a method of doing this.

I have been testing on my installation (using MS-Access 2007) and find that synchronisation works OK: When I create a conflict, this is then caught by the conflict resolution utility and I can click to resolve the problems.

However, I have a user with 2010 and he reports that the conflict resolution utility is not available for his version.

I have googled and this seems to be a known issue: The conflict resolution utility is not provided.

Has anyone out there got experience of implementing synchronisation with MS-Access 2010? Or suggestions for a possible solution to my problem?

One thought that I have is to provide the runtime version to my users but I imagine that synchronisation/conflict resolution might not work with runtime. Can anyone confirm this (one way or the other)?

This problem is quite a show-stopper for my little project so any help would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks.
Alan Searle