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    Retrieving records according to criteria

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to access. I am busy creating a database for a class were the pupils have a choice of 7 different subjects from a lits of 12. I thought of using YES/NO fields for the subjects and then sort them out using queries. Now the problem is that I have to enter feedback comments for every pupil in every one of the selected 7 subject so I thought I could used a form to display the pupils that do one particular subject and then enter all the comments for this subject but I can't get a form to display the records as I wanted. Can anyone help please. Much appreciated.

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    Have you looked at the problem in general terms and designed tables to support the issues involved?
    Getting the tables designed is usually a good first step.

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    Hi orange, thank very much for your reply. After i posted the question that's exactly what i did. I redesigned my tables and decided to use queries instead to filter the subject. It was right in front of my eyes!! Thank you su much for your advice.

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