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    Question Time Query

    Hi All,

    I am using Access 2003. I have a table with "DateTime" Field.

    This field captures the received date n Time for teh incoming mails in by outlook in the belwo format:

    "6/29/2009 3:30:12 PM".

    Now I want to create a query to pull the deadline from this column. It pull those records which have date of today & time is for after "4Hrs"

    Ex. if its 4:00AM in then it pull data for todays date till the time is "<=8:00AM".

    Please guide.

    Any assitance is appreciated.


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    Access stores dates as whole numbers and times as fractions of a day. See here for details

    If you want to get a time 4hrs in the future, you can use DateTime + (4/24) this is 4 hours as a fraction of a day.

    If you want to get 8AM on a certain day, use Int(DateTime) + (8/24) the Int function just returns the integer part of a variable.

    Or you can google "Access DateDiff()" or "Access DateAdd()" functions for syntax and info.

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