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    Question on how to structure a database


    I'm currently working on setting up an Access database for a health related business but I'm having some problems figuring out how to structure the database. The business has been using an excel spreadsheet to store all its client data for the last 5 or so years but this has gotten too big to be effective. Currently I have a table called clients which is basically all of the information imported from the excel sheet. What I want to do is split parts of this table into other tables to make the information easier to read. Specifically I want to create new tables for Conditions (health conditions that clients may have) and Medications. At the moment these are stored just as strings in single fields and these is no structure or consistency to them. An entry for a client might contain only one condition or it might contain ten, all writen in a long senqence.

    How can I structure my database so that a client can be linked to many distinct conditions? I need to be able to add new conditions to the Conditions table and have them automatically able to be linked to a client. I'm a bit confused about what I'm doing here which is probably obvious. I want to use a form to enter the data which will have a tab for both conditions and medications. These tabs will have a bunch of tickboxes for each condition or medication. The form operates on one client at a time so it should update to show which clients have which conditions and medications.

    Hopefully I've explained this well enough

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    table PatientConditions
    PatConID (primary key)
    PatientID (foreign key)
    ConditionID (foreign key link to table of medical conditions with diagnosis code and other info)

    table ConditionsMedication
    PatConID (foreign key)
    MedicationID (foreign key)
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    A few thoughts :

    A PATIENT can have one or many CONDITIONS.
    One PATIENT CONDITION can be treated with one or many MEDICATIONS.
    The TREATMENT or TREATMENTS can take place over a period of TIME.

    tblPatients - Master Table of Patients
    PatientID - PK

    tblConditions - Master Table of standardized List of Conditions
    ConditionID - PK

    tblMedications - Master Table of standardized List of Medications
    MedicationID - PK

    tblDoctors - Master Table of Doctors
    DoctorID - PK

    PatientsConditionsID - PK
    Patient_ID - FK
    Condition_ID - FK

    PatientsConditionsTreatmentID - PK
    PatientsConditions_ID - FK
    Medication_ID - FK
    Doctor_ID - FK


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    Further to June7's and recyan's good comments and advice, you should work on your table structures before getting too deep into programming.
    Getting the tables and relationships right will make the programming and coding much easier.

    Some things to research - Normalization and junction tables.
    Also, since it is possible for the same patient to have a recurrence of a condition, you may wish to consider a Date to be associated with a PatientCondition.

    Here are some tutorials that illustrate design concepts. Logical data modeling Candidate key Normalization Normalization example 1st Normal form 2nd Normal form 3rd Normal form E_R Diagramming ERD Part 2

    The first few topics are well worth the read.

    Good luck with your project

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