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    Creating a local network Database


    At my work I recently created a database to organize our inventory of products. We work at 5 people and 5 PCs here.
    The database programming is ready, but I need to create a front-end (interface) for my coworkers use and update the database, and share on the local network. My computer was going to be used as the server for this database.

    I'm a beginner at access. Is it too dificult to do it by myself?

    Thank you!

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    Shouldn't be, no. I believe there is a splitter wizard, though I've never used it. You can also simply export the tables from your database into a new database, call it "DatabaseName_BE" or whatever. Delete the tables from the original database, then go to the External Data tab and click on the Access icon in the Import area. You will be given the choice to import or link, and you want link. Do all this on a copy of your database, in case it all goes horribly wrong.
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