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    Combine / Concatenate Multiple Values in Different Records that Have Same ID


    I'm stuck on something, maybe you can help.

    I have to concatenate the data in multiple records into one record. They have "skus" associated with them.

    I have two columns.

    ColumnSku: Which contains a product sku
    ColumnModel: Which contains a model numbers

    ColumnSku can contain the same sku hundreds of times
    ColumnModel can contain the same model several times but not for the same sku

    What I need to do is this
    For every time a sku is shown in ColumnSku, take the model in ColumnModel and join them together separated by a comma.

    For example

    ColumnSku | ColumnModel
    SKU1111 | Model11111
    SKU1111 | Model22222
    SKU1111 | Model33333
    SKU1111 | Model44444
    SKU1111 | Model55555
    SKU9999 | ModelHHHHH
    SKU9999 | ModelJJJJJ
    SKU9999 | ModelMMMMM

    Would end up like this
    ColumnSku | ColumnModel

    SKU1111 | Model11111,Model22222,Model33333,Model44444,Model5 5555
    SKU9999 | ModelHHHHH,ModelJJJJJ,ModelMMMMM

    How do I do this? Keep in mind too that I barely know update queries and have never used a Module (other than my failed attempt earlier today)

    Please help if you can.

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