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    Cascading ComboBoxes

    Hi ,

    I am running into the same problem and I tried to use the roadmap you created for Leslea in this thread as a reference and I am still ending up with a blank 3rd cascade drop down box.


    1st drop down independent
    2nd drop down dependent on the first
    3rd drop down dependent on the third [and possibly dependent on first?]

    I have it set up where the second drop down allows the user to choose an option based off of the selection of the first drop down.
    As I attempt for the 3rd drop down to have choices based off of selections from the 2nd drop down.. My screen goes completely blank.

    side note: I am currently using a query of my complete table because I had problems creating the cascade drop downs using the table once I attempted to create a third drop down.

    Please help! I have been on this for 6 hrs!

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    Have you already reviewed this link:
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