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    Question Password ideas w/o using VBA on Sharepoint?

    I know that I can't use VBA on Sharepoint (althought states there's a way!), and must prepare a DB accordingly because of that. I was wondering if there was anyway to go about including a way to use a password of sorts without VBA? I had a few ideas but wasn't sure where to go with them:

    1) Use a macro to some how ask for certain input? Didn't find an obvious macro that would do this, but maybe someone has some ideas?

    2) Use the RunCode macro? I was thinking if I wrote a function to ask for a password that the macro could run the function, but I assume that since VBA is still needed it wouldn't get very far...

    3) Queries? Is there a way I can use the Criteria of a Query to ask for some sort of specific input (or at least something that wouldn't be obvious to the user) that would be needed to move forward?

    4) Validation? Can I somehow use validation to require a specific term or number, rather than just a specific format?

    5) Maybe a combination of the ideas above?

    This is all I could think of. I am aware that use can set permissions on Sharepoint, but I don't think you can specify which forms/reports a user can see or not. If I am wrong, please tell me as this would save me the trouble of finding another method.

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    Just thought of something, what if I have a query parameter for a number between two fields of an unused table, in which the number between the two fields is only one number. Would this work in terms of not allowing a person to move forward without providing the correct number?

    If so, I was thinking it could be used by a macro, and the next event would allow them to go to the relevant form/report...

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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